Tillman Bridge

If you’ve ever driven from Fondren to Downtown via Mill Street, you’ve probably noticed the unusual helical structure leading up to the pedestrian bridge over the rail yard.  This is the Charles Tillman Bridge.  The structure is named in honor of ward 5’s city councilman, who not only is still alive, but is still a city councilman and currently serving as council vice president.  Seems a bit soon to get a bridge named after you, but whatever.

The bridge connects the neighborhoods of Midtown and Georgetown that would otherwise be divided by a large rail yard of which the bridge offers an excellent view.  The bridge is used by a wide variety of people, but gets most of it’s traffic from school kids crossing over to get to Brown Elementary and Rowan Middle School.  The structure also offers a nice view of Rowan’s strange corrugated roof.

While it’s plenty of fun to walk, it’s hard to beat riding across and down the spiral on a bicycle.








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